Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentines Outfit

This year I participated in my mommy group's valentine's party. I actually don't know many of the women in the group, and honestly, I am pretty darn shy. So I go and talk to no one, or just the one or two I do know. So it was nice having an ice breaker. I made Aubrey's valentine getup and it gave me something to talk about with the other moms.

The outfit was pretty simple to make! I used a long sleeved onesie (Koala Baby), two pieces each of two ribbons, one is a black sheer with white dots and the other is a red ribbon with white hears. Then I cut a heart out of a zebra faux fur fabric I had leftover from halloween. I sewed the ribbons to the onesie and then the heart around the border. Simple!

For the tutu I cut 10 inch strips of tulle in red and black. I used this tutorial for the how to! Everyone at the party loved her outfit except Aubrey! Lol! Before we left she had taken the tutu off and refused to put it back on. I made the tutu while watching tv at night, because it is kind of mindless. Oh and my color combo was 2 reds and one black. I made the knots very tight so the skirt would be very full. I used 3 yards of red tulle and 2 yards of the black, so it really was alot of fabric.

Did you make anything for Valentine's day this year?