About Me

My name is Andie. I am a stay at home momma to a little, Aubrey  and furry, Maverick. My husband, Chris, is awesome. He ignores me when I say the dumbest stuff and fake laughs when I really think I am hilarious. However, I think he's only in it for the food.
See? Total Babe!
Before staying home, I was in culinary school. Everyone always says "I want to go someday" my advice, save your money and just take a few classes. The pain and suffering isn't worth it. Yet, I learned loads. My cooking went from experimental (YIKES! That phase was horrible... Seriously I once rolled orange roughy in crushed fruit loops and shredded coconut and made a maraschino cherry glaze because I assumed the fish would taste orange-y... Not so my friends, not so!) to sophisticated experimental. Now, I only make bad food when I follow someone else's recipes. Honest! And that is only because I think I know and don't read the directions.

Okay, hmmm, so now I am headed to a university as a junior and will be getting a nutrition degree. I think Chris and I may one day open up a gym or something.. But really just 6 weeks ago we were going to open up a flower nursery so I may end up rewriting this later. Ha! But anywho... We are vegan. A lot of people are afraid of that word. I was. Golly, they don't eat meat and dairy... All they have left is salad... ew... Actually, I hate salads. I don't mind them as a side, but I never ever eat them as the meal. I tried but to me they lack personality. Also, I am not a raw gal. I love cooked food. I promise to share some awesome stuff!

Oh, I guess I should point out that I have garden. And I have two chickens, Bert and Brown. Aubrey named them. Brown is, well brown, and Bert is big (think Big Bertha)! They are the most spoiled chickens on the planet. Seriously. These girls sit on the patio clucking because they want in. Oh, and they aren't cooped up at all. They wander the yard, eat bugs, dig holes, eat my garden, fly even. So they are honest to goodness free range. Yet you ask yourself.... Why does a vegan family have chickens? We got them before we went vegan, then BOOM! Right after we go vegan they decide to start laying eggs. Never tasted a one but I hear they are delicious.
This is Bert, she is huge right? Brown was off chasing the dog. 
So that's a wrap guys. If I told you anything else about me you'd quit reading and head for the hills. Tell me about you! And leave your blog address so I can check it out too!