Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An explanation and Halloween Treats

I believe I owe my readers (all 11 of you) an explanation. I haven't posted in 2 months, I apologize. My life has been super hectic. I am a full-time student (15 hours this semester) and filling my free time with much gardening.

So onto something crafty, you hope? Well, nothing spectacular but I did make a couple Boo Bags for the neighbors. You can't really tell here, but in the bag on the left, those are Halloween (orange) oreos that I drew jack-o-lantern faces on with melted chocolate. And the bag on the right is "Worms in dirt" which is crushed oreos (no icing) and gummy worms. They were all too easy, but the boy next door is only 2 and he is simply precious. There is an orange car, and then a few boxes of stickers too.

We also made a pumpkin for our front porch!  I had a lot of fun doing it, and I got the idea to put flowers in it from our local nursery. I originally planned doing an M and leaves (which is on the back, ha!) but it was looking a little to crafty and not very crisp. Honestly, if you decide to make one, put a heavy rock in the bottom because it keeps blowing over and the flowers get squashed each time. Live and learn!
My dear sister is having another boy tomorrow! I am so excited to meet him! Christopher Quinton, but we'll call him Quinton since my step-mom and husband are both Chris'. After her first boy was 6 months, she gave everything to a friend in need, and now that she's due, the whole fam is trying to play catch up, again :) I have been making outfits and today I put this boppy slipcover together. While it turned out well, I learned alot! First off, whewn the directions say to get an 18 inch zipper, do it! ha! Mine is only 12 inch and it was like trying to stuff my size 10 booty into my pals size 6 jeans! Lol! Also, one side is 1 inch longer than the other, so take the time to measure before you start cutting. Finally don't close your 2 yr olds bedroom door hoping the fact that she can't open the door will hold her in. Actually, she now knows how to open the door. Note to self: Pick up tall baby gates.
Her is the back, I thought a soft flannel would be good for winter months to help keep him warm while he's nursing. Here is the tutorial I used. Does anyone else LOVE Grosgrain? I know I do! Only thing I would tweak is to give myself a little more seam allowance. She says top trace the pillow and add an inch, Next time I'll do 1/4 inch more because I didn't have alot of room for my seam allowance and it was super tight.
Finally here is my first zipper ever! I have been fond of buttons but now that I see how easy zippers can be, I'll start working them in! Like I said, don't skimp on zipper size. It was very difficult to get the pillow in because of the curvature. I am thinking next up I will be making some uber cute ones for the holidays. A big fat santa boppy cover maybe, or some reindeer???

Finally, I have decided to try out the CG method. It is a method of caring for curly hair.Here is my hair now, super frizzy, undefined, dull, and dry.

I am using Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Direct Leave In. I hope to post every other week on the progress, but my calendar is often pretty crowded these days.

I am looking forward to the cool weather (stil in the mid 80s but Thursday is supposed to be soup weather finally). Hope to enjoy some pumpkin and other festive flavors!


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