Monday, May 23, 2011

First Blog

I have never had a blog before so this may be a little awkward until I have a little more experience under my belt. So here goes nothing:

I'll start by introducing myself and my family. 

           This is Aubrey and me, Andie! We live in the grand ole state of Texas. I am currently a full-time student working towards a nutrition degree and a stay-at-home momma! Aubrey is 16 months old, and I think she looks like me!

          This is my goofy husband, Chris. He is a born and raised Texan all the way. I met him four years ago and married him after 2 of those.

         So now that you can put a face to the name, I am going to talk about what I want this blog to be.
                             #1. My goal is to be able to brainstorm here for creativity.
                             #2. I would love to be able to share what I learn through trial and error
                             #3. Everyone has one, and it looks like fun!

         I just started sewing several weeks ago, so I don't know much but I will try to give advice where I have experience and links where I am unsure or if I need it myself. Also, I just started gardening so I will post what I learn in the outdoor department. Finally, I went to culinary school, so I know a lot about cooking. I will blog recipes I make for you. Hopefully you will find them helpful when you just do not know what to make.


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