Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greatest Tote Tutorial Ever & How to use Fusible Interfacing

          TaDa! I made this tote in about 3 uninterrupted hours! I think it turned out really nice. I used this tutorial here.

          Bijou Lovely is a great blog. What I really like about this tutorial are the pictures. She has one to go with every step so you know you are doing it right! The directions are also very easy to follow. For the fabric I used a pink linen like solid and a yard of a thick canvas like decorator fabric.

        So here are the things I came across on the tote. This was my first time ever to use interfacing.

        First question is what kind? I used a light weight fusible interfacing. That means there is glue on one side and you iron it to your fabric.

        Second, how to use it? I was very frustrated with the interfacing because it kept sticking to my iron. I called a friend who sews often and she told me to shine light on the interfacing. Sure enough, one side looked as if it were covered in glitter. This is the glue. That side needs to be against your fabric. Also, make sure your iron is as hot as your fabric can take. Finally the glue has to set, so to make sure your interfacing doesn't detach from the fabric, let it cool before you move it around. It only takes a minute or two to cool.

        Next topic is sewing. I tried at first to use an all-purpose thread, but it kept breaking. I finally pulled out a heavy duty thread by Coats and Clark, and it did a great job. While sewing I did run into some snags. Because the multiple fabrics and interfacing become so thick, sometime you have to help pull the fabric through your machine, otherwise it will sew in the same spot and create knots. Also make sure you sew around the main fabric twice as she directs on step 15.

       Lastly, what to do with your new tote. I use mine for grocery shopping. It is much sturdier than plastic bags and the reusable bags you can buy from the store. You could also use it for going to the beach or pool. They are big and you can fit lots inside them. Finally I sometimes use mine as my purse if it coordinates my outfit. Half my wardrobe is pink so it goes really well with most of my stuff.

       I also altered the pattern used and made a small bag for my daughter.To do this I did my height at 11 and width 13. The straps width I did 1.5in and the base I did the width of the base 5.5 in. Aubrey loves her bag and calls it her "P."

       I hope this has helped. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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