Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkey Day Jumper

Thanksgiving is on its way! I am so looking forward to it this year. I was hoping I could host Thanksgiving feast at my house (since it is the first thanksgiving of many here), but my mother-in-law was pretty insistent on it being there. Oh well! There is always next year. I am making the turkey though, so if anyone knows a to die for recipe, let me know, I have never made a turkey before.

In celebration of the season and what thanksgiving means to me, I made Aubrey a corduroy jumper.  I then created an applique and used my sewing machine only. I was pretty impressed with myself. So much so, that I am contemplating a tutorial on how to do it. However, that would entail making another jumper since I didn't photograph anything while doing this one. Next time, I will make the turkey smaller and have several ruffles at the bottom. Here is the pattern I used. All I did differently, was make my own applique on the front. I also only did two ruffles because of how big the turkey is and I did a top stitch around the hem.

Apparently it is too warm a day though for the turtleneck and jumper. As soon as Aubrey came inside, she started peeling her clothes off saying "hot, hot, off, pees" Speaking of talking, Aubrey is saying alot these days. My favorite thing she says is "Hans thup!" which is Hands up but with the cutest little lisp ever!! She can also open and close doors now as well as climb anything and everything. My how they grow too fast.


  1. Wow, she is getting so big!

    You have done a wonderful job on the jumper. I hope you do a tutorial. It would be fun!

  2. That is just darling! I am giving tips tomorrow on how to cook the perfect turkey, stop by! Also, I am having a turkey show off party on Friday on my blog. We will be giving away prizes randomly, I would love for you to share this!


  3. That was just the cutest! She was such a doll in the outfit. You did such a great job, your photo just doesn't do it justice!