Friday, June 1, 2012

Menu and Chore Charts

Okay so, If there were a competition for cutest toddler pic ever, I would win. Look at those faces! It was totally impromptu where they all linked hands and headed off. *If you are wondering, this is of my niece, Aubrey, and my nephew.

Moving on! We went to visit family in Oklahoma Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Had a good trip. I did pictures for my family. First photo shoot ever went pretty well, but I wouldn't consider myself a bona-fide photographer just yet.

Here is what I've been working on! I'm super excited about it. Its a menu board.Originally I wanted to just buy a whiteboard, until I saw how much they cost. $15 is a little much for a whiteboard in my opinion. So I hit up the clearance aisle and found this adorable frame screaming my name for $5. I already had the paper. All I did was to put a piece of blank scrapbook paper in place of a picture. I then wrote on the paper with a sharpie. MENU on top and then the days of the week down the side. I put the frame back together, glass and all and closed it nice and tight. NOW! Look what I can do!!!

(Edit: Apparently this was not a new idea! I just found another blogger doing the exact same thing today. Sooo, while it may not be new, it is fun to have! and make)
I can now write down my menu plan for dinners throughout the week using dry erase markers. Pure genius if you ask me! Ha! And with my new found intelligence, I thought "Why wouldn't this work for a chore chart?" So I made one of those too only this frame was just a dollar!!
I also picked up some cutesy stickers. Whenever Aubrey completes a chore without having to take a timeout, she gets to put a sticker on her board. Then when she has completed a whole row, we will go to the thrift store and let her pick out a new to her book (50 cents a piece, SCORE). Of course the grid I drew on the paper and also the chores on top is done with stickers I had. Everything else is dry erase marker and acid free stickers. So there you have it, a super cheap and simple way to organize your menu plans and chore chart!

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