Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lilac Summer Dress

 Today I finally grew some guts and decided I would make something for Aubrey out of the fabric I have been storing. Since it is the hot Texas summer already, linen is an obvious choice!

This was the first dress I have completed for Aubrey and let her wear in public! I am always so nervous everyone will critique my work and I'll break down in front of everyone. However, all the moms at the baby shower today said they loved her dress. Only one mom even guessed it was homemade. That felt pretty good and definitely gave me a little more courage.

I think the purple works for Aubrey. I think she thought so too. I love it how she walks around outside like she has something to do and some place to be.

The shed is her Daddy's "man cave" as I put it. He works out in there and stores his tools in there. Its like a black hole.... I steer clear...

Aubrey however kept knocking on the door saying "Daddy, Daddy" guess she thought he was in there hiding. As for the dress, there are things I will do differently next time, but I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

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