Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pillow Fight - The Princess and the Pea Pillow

After reading Ladybird Ln's featured charity and contest, I knew it was definitely a project for yours truly. While I had never made a pillow case before, I found it was fairly simple when I followed the tutorial on Ladybird Ln's site found HERE. So here is my entry into the contest! It is also the pillow case I am sending to be donated for the cause! Some little girl will love it I am sure.

I thought it would be fun to make a princess out of felt. I think she turned out very sweet.

My inspiration was the Princess and the Pea. Aubrey loves this book. On the front of the pillow the main fabric is pink broadcloth with a felt princess sewn onto the right hand side. The band is purple cotton and the trim is lace.

The back of the pillow is the purple main fabric with a pink band. The trim is white eyelet. I thought using different trims and alternating the fabric would make the pillow look like a stack of cushions.

I added three green felt peas with a hand embroidered poem that reads:

The tallest bed she had ever seen

Cushions of purple pink and green

And beneath the covers she did not know

But three green peas layed down below

While my sewing was not perfect, I worked very hard to make a pillow that will cheer up any little princess! I am putting it in the mail today to send to Ladybird Ln! So excited to be entering my very first sewing contest ever! Wish me luck!!


  1. That is such a sweet entry in the Pillow Fight for a Cause! Very cute!!!

  2. I don't think my first comment worked, so Thank you SO MUCH for entering the PILLOW FIGHT! It looks great, such a sweet idea! I am excited that it is your first contest! I am also super excited to be your #1 follower Woop Woop!


  3. Thank you Kristy!

    @ Carlee it is my pleasure! How could I not with all the wonderful prizes! And thanks for following. ahhh! My first follower! :)

  4. Some little girl will adore this!

  5. That is such a cute idea! Some princess will love that pillowcase!