Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July

I know it is WAY too early to really talk about Christmas but I am having a form of anxiety about it. Chris and I bought our house in October last year but because of all the renovating we had to do, we didn't move in until almost Febuary. So this Holiday season will be our first in the house. So far nothing has worked out as planned. For example, I wanted to do a 4th BBQ, but our ac has been out (3 weeks and counting people.... dern home warranties) so we have been staying at my mother in laws, and in turn didn't get a bbq as hoped.

This may be the silliest fear ever, but I am actually afraid that Christmas won't come to my house unless I am  overly planned and prepared for any and every disaster that may occur. So to help quench my thirst for a joyous Christmas, I have started prepping. Yep... I have made my first Christmas craft.

 Now keep in mind I still have to paint on Merry Christmas under the tree and add finishing touches.

But this little project turned out to really cool me down. When I get stressed, everyone knows it. After I finished this I was much more fun to be around. So just because it is July, don't be afraid to whip out your Holiday spirit and get into the joy of Christmas, even if it is just a door hanger or a small something. Go ahead, and turn on that Christmas cd while you do it too! The kiddos will love listening to carols and pretending the summer heat away, and your husband, mother in law, and friends never have to be the wiser.

Have a merry "Christmas"

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