Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keyhole Dress... Finally!

It only took a forever! I finally finished the keyhole dress from Sugar Tart Crafts. My skills weren't the best to start with and I still have a lot of learning to go, but I did learn bunches from her video tutorials and from her pattern.

My favorite part about this dress was the piping. It takes the dress to a whole new level! At first I was extremely intimidated, until I watched Toni's video a million times! Ha! Being able to see the step made a world of difference. I am a very visual learner. Branch story:: I made a headband for me using this tutorial.
Only thing I did differently was add piping to the main portion of the headband. Very easy tut, honestly took me 30 minutes including cutting my fabric!

Annnnnnnnd were back! So remember last time I showed a picture of the embroidered bird, well here is the bodice finished! It looks very finished with the piping and I added a bow to spice it up. The pearl I used came off a bracelet I had (Aubrey chewed the string apart and we had beads everywhere!). I got the tutorial for it here. Except I gathered mine really tight!

Finally, the buttons! I found a fabric covered button kit at Jo-Anns for 3.79 at half off! Uh duh! It was really easy, you just cut circles, push em in the mold provided, press the cap over, then shove the fabric in the cap and press the back in with the presser provided and VOILA! Too easy! I am in love with how it really pops against the yellow fabric.
So here is where I'm going to brag a little! My mom gave me lots of fabric, and I know I complained slightly last time, but the mister did let me go buy the coordinating fabric because I begged. I added up the total cost to me for this dress. Are you ready for this? A total $8.39 for this dress and my headband! Amazing. Sewing really can be cost efficient if you use your coupons and utilize what you have on hand.

So go check out those sites for the tuts yourself and learn something new!


  1. It turned out GREAT, and I love all the little details you added! The buttons are adorable, and the bird with the flower really makes it special. Thank you so much for testing this for me. I hope you still want to try other patterns for me in the future!

  2. That is an adorable dress! And love the headband :)

  3. This is so stinkin' cute! I LOVE sugar tart crafts, and want to try piping! I can't believe it was under $10... I really need to put a ban on buying fabric, and use up my stash!!