Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thrift Store Goodies

I have never been into thrift store stuff, I always thought it was junk.... But, now that I am an adult and can think beyond "one mans trash", I see that it really can be "another mans treasure. Today I headed to my local Goodwill, who knew thrift stores had sales?? Everything with a purple tag was 50% off! Good deal!

So the reason I went was because I saw THIS  on The Cottage Home. Which btw, I LOVE that girl! Her two year old's tea party was amazing. And her sewing studio makes me drool, not to mention, she lives in a cottage! Love it! Anyway, I was looking for some cute t-shirts for cheap to repurpose since my sister is about to bring another little boy into the world. She gave all of her newborn stuff to a neighbor who had no family or friends to help her out. My sister has always had a kind giving heart! I did find one shirt I thought was appropriate. Maybe I am going to the wrong thrift store, most every mans shirt was from functions like walk for the cure or the hard rock cafe.
I paid $1. Woot! Woot! It was originally $1.99 but because it had a purple tag, it was 50% off. I do have a red shirt I am going to cut up and use for the neckline and bottom like The Cottage Home did on their sleeper gown.

Next up, I have been drooling over fall wreaths lately. I don't know why, I just really want one. I have been planning on buying the stuff and making one, but when I saw one at the thrift shop I had to look!

Isn't it pretty? It was love at first sight.
The best part?? Only $2.99, but wait, it gets better! Look what was still attached!
That right, a $39.99 tag!

Aubrey and I went through the book section, and I wanted to look for some cook books, but her attention span was lacking. We did go through the plastic ware aisles. We got 4 plastic plates that would be perfect for grilling! And also 2 popcorn things. I think they are really cute. 
So I paid a total of $9.44, I'd say it was a very successful trip!

What do you look for when you head to the thrift store?

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