Saturday, May 19, 2012


I received a compliment I never expected the other day. My mother said I am such a busy person. Wow! I never thought of myself as busy. When I heard it I thought, "Who me?" I am always trying to add up to and compare myself to other moms. Not that I want to be better, but because I feel I have to validate being a SAHM. Raise your hand if you have ever stood there and gave reasons to a working person, how you are valuable by staying at home.
I know my hand is sky high! And then hearing that a fellow mother thinks I am busy, someone who had more children than me. Thinking about it, I realize that I don't need to validate. When I began sewing it was because my pal B did. I was comparing myself to her and her abilities. Then I began looking up stuff online about sewing and found numerous blogs. So I decided I had to blog about sewing because all these other moms were doing it, and if they could make time I surely could right? Suddenly I realized how boring my sewing is because I know nothing about it. Ha! I learned a lot, but never knew how to vocalize it into any kind of readable quality.
Then I stepped away. I thought I was no good because I couldn't sew like others, and I certainly couldn't blog about it. I quit crafting altogether. (Actually you do not want to go into my craft room. It gives me anxiety just walking in.) I felt like I wasn't good enough. I quit trying...
That's when the light came through the clouds. God said "Finally, she gets it!" I wasn't made to be other moms. I wasn't made to be anyone other than me. Everything that has happened this far has been to lead me to where I am right now! Now I am a busy mom. I have a daughter, I'm a full time student, we do gymnastics every week, I workout, I garden daily, I cook most meals from scratch, I go to church, I make time for friends, I have chickens, I have a dog, I clean (when were expecting guests), I'm vegan, I enjoy taking photos, and now I blog. I am the happiest now, than I have been, and it isn't because I'm the best or most awesome at anything. It is because I am so busy being me, that I don't have time being unhappy about everything I'm not. It is such a blessing to finally realize I am becoming who God wants me to be, and quit worrying about the world.

 So I am  going to call these Sammiches. The reason is because my friend, Sam, pushed me onto them. She actually made hers with cheese and minus the apple, but she is a pescatarian (eats fish), and I am vegan. When I altered mine, she thought it was gross. "Apple on a sandwich? Okay?" However, I liked apple in my tuna salad, so I was certain it would taste great on these. My mother in law loved them, and I actually have eaten them three days in a row, happily, for lunch. I was missing sandwiches, but these have filled that void!
2 slices sourdough bread
Your favorite hummus (I like the roased red pepper kind)
Half an avocado, but only because I can't fit the whole thing on it
Thinly sliced tomatoes
Thinly sliced apples (sweet variety like fuji, gala, or red delicious)
Several leaves of lettuce (butter, red leaf, green leaf, romaine, iceberg, whatev)
Salt and Pepper

  • Turn on broil in the oven. Slap down the bread so the outsides are facing up. You only want one side browned. And just brown until it is turning gold, don't toast the whole slice. 
  • Slather hummus on the soft side of bread like you would mayo. I like a very thick layer.
  • Then on one slice lay down the apple, and the tomato on the other slice. This helps them stay in the sammich when you are eating it.
  • Layer your lettuce and avocado on top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. 
  • Slap em together, slice em in half, and eat with gusto!

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  1. Those sound wonderful! Next time I come over we will have to have them... without the tomatoes and peppers of course.

    I am glad you finally found your place in the world. What you do is important, it's one of the most important jobs in the world... you make a home for people, you create beauty in their lives, and you encourage goodness. You've always been that way; you just had to realize it.