Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Blinds!

I am a very cheap frugal shopper. The first place I head in ANY store is the clearance rack. So I went to Lowe's and was just getting some dowel rods, but I had to check the clearance tables around the store. In the blinds section, I stopped at the mis-cut table and saw a huge blind(s?) (70 inches kinda huge). I called Chris immediately and told him to get out the measuring tape and see how big the kitchen window is! Turns out, this one was PERFECT! literally. Sooooo I took it to the register, and it rang in at $85 bucks or something and then it was discounted to $15.. WHAT?!? I called three people, my husband, my mom, and my bff B an had to tell them all about the amazing deal I just got.

Well, the next morning I decided I would get the new blinds out and install them myself... haha! Yeah, that didn't happen... I could hardly lift them, let alone stand on the countertops and screw em into the window box. So finally, today, my dearly beloved husband put them in. It took the two of us and lots of cursing (no worries the infant was in bed dreaming innocent dreams completely missing the vulgarity happening in the kitchen). Needless to say, we felt very accomplished! So after doing the dishes and cleaning and organizing a little more than usual, I give you the end result!
Ta-da! The blinds have been a need for a while and I wish we had done them sooner. Especially after the neighbor informed us that they can see into our home day and night... *cough cough*... Also, the sun shines in this window from about 8am until noon and it really heats up the kitchen. Literally, I refuse to do any dishes before one. Now that will have to change I guess.

But honestly, it is such a rewarding feeling when you do something difficult and challenging and you completely ace it! So fun! Our next home improvement will be either the guest bath, the dining room, the front hall, or the craft room.... hmmmmm... It all needs help.

What is one home improvement you have done that you would have done sooner?

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  1. Great job! It makes it so much better when you get a sweet deal like that too! We have a shelf that moved to 3 different apartments with us before it ever got hung up. No idea why it took so long, but we'll probably move again before I every get around to making it "pretty".