Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

My bff B's daughter is turning 2 this week! She ordered a cake for her family party and I was going to make 46 cupcakes for her play date party. Yesterday evening, I was expecting the cake to be dropped off with me to take to the party today. Come 9 pm I was getting worried. Finally, at 11, I talked to the cake lady and turns out B told her Tuesday! Sooooo, that meant E wasn't going to have a cake. So I stayed up all night baking and then all morning decorating. I learned ALOT. And for my first stacked cake I'd say it turned out very well! Here are some pictures!

I made two 13x9 white cakes and then cut them into 9x9 and 4x4 squares. I iced them with white icing that I colored with gel food coloring. Aubrey watches YGG often so I knew the characters pretty well! As for Plex and DJ Lance Rock, well it was a small cake. Hope you had an eventful weekend as well!

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  1. Great Job, especially for the last min! I love the Moon O side! I haven't made a cake in quite awhile, but I guess that 2nd birthday is on it's way. Better start planning soon.