Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleepless Session #2

Once again I found myself an alert insomniac. I laid down for bed at 10 and finally got up at 1 because I was still awake. My sewing machine was hollering my name. Aubrey had a birthday party to attend today, so I made her a new top to wear. (Not like she doesn't have loads of clothes already) So I based the dress off one she had that is now too small.
I love this top, Aubrey wore it a bunch because it was sleeveless and made of cool fabric to help beat the heat. I was sad when I realized it was too tight around the chest. So I made one! Yay!

My sewing skills were not up to par however at 2am this morning. So, I will have to fix some areas like the straps. For example, what was I thinking with the binding?? Duh... it should have been one piece, not three. I will do better, I promise! My favorite part about it was the flower. I made it with a sleeve I cut off a long sleeve shirt. Upcycling is AWESOME! I will leave you with some of my amateur photos of Aubrey in her dress. Lucky you!


  1. Hey Andie! It's Jilly from the Nummy little blog. This little girl is so precious! I love her little dress! You are insanely talented, because I have tried to sew, and I can't do it for the life of me! ;) Thanks for following, and I'm your newest follower!

  2. love LOVE the circus theme! and am so down with going to the state fair for your bday! P.S. Aubs is ADORABLE. and I agree you are insane and talented. I mean insanely talented! haha xoxo